All photographs on this web site can be used free of charge.
When the photograph is used, the user should read this rule.
When it is not possible to agree to this rule, the user cannot use the photograph.

1. Usage

The photograph on this web site can be used free of charge in these usages.

  1. Design and image photograph on Web site
  2. A part of design of printed matter to advertise it
  3. Teaching material at school etc.
  4. Look at personally

2. Prohibition

The photograph on this web site cannot be used for these usages.

  1. Use by the second distribution, sales, and the rental service is a prohibition.
    1. Printing on the printed matter to sell it is a prohibition.
    2. Using it in the software game etc. to sell it is a prohibition.
  2. Using it as a trademark and a logo mark is a prohibition.
  3. The direct link to the image file on this web site is a prohibition. Use it after it downloads it.
  4. The usage to offend public order and morals is a prohibition.
  5. Using it by the usage to contravene a law is a prohibition.
  6. Using it to slander it is a prohibition.
  7. Use is prohibited when thought the disadvantage for this web site.

3. escape clause

  1. I do not assume the responsibility for the trouble and damage at all. The user should use the photograph in the self-responsibility.
  2. I am not obtaining the permission to take the photograph. (photographs of building and product, etc.)
    Do not use the photograph when there is a possibility that the problem occurs.
  3. Photographs and sentences of this web site maybe have a wrong possibility.

4. Copyright

  1. The copyright (photograph and design and sentences of the Web site) belongs to me.
  2. I have the right to prohibit the use of the photograph for the user.
  3. I have the right to change this agreement for use without a prior previous notice.