White hydrangea

White hydrangea - Free stock photo

It is a photograph of a white hydrangea. The hydrangea associates the color that near purple as it is purple and is blue flower from this Chinese character, and there is a pure-white hydrangea of this, too. It is not a hydrangea. ?・・・ It must be an unpleasantness, and this shape be a hydrangea ・・・ Maybe,
A lot of very small flowers gather terribly when seeing thus, and it is understood well that it is such a big mass. Are it decided to this small flower how many it is in one mass?It is interesting when decide actually the super-accurately and worth.
Because it is a photograph taken on the day when cloudy skies are dim, it is reflected in dark feeling. Especially, ground is buoyed up by the flower of the amount and a white hydrangea and stands out blackish though is a shadow.