Transparent - Free stock photo

The transparency is very high and bottom of the sea is a full view though it took a picture of the sea by the zoom because it is high. It is ..depth.. certain though shallowness is shallow because this maybe is thought also that the refraction of the shine influences it though it looks shallow. externals of this photograph
There are a lot of lying about and stones rotundly at the bottom of the sea, and it paves and it is blocked. There seems to be no place that is sands. Surface of the lot..float..bubble..become a moment..understand.Though the nature like the bubble is done.
The nature that is certain Izu does though it doesn’t remember for a moment well because the place where this photograph was taken is considerably old times. By the way, this level might be transparent also in the sea for each Hayama near from Tokyo. Looking down from the quay and clear have been seen though the sea seen from sands is transparent and not seen. It might be the re-different because that was probably winter by the season.