The orange seen from the side

The orange seen from the side - Free stock photo

The stock photo which took a picture of a round orange from the side. It seems to be an orange mountain. An unskillful part takes the top a little. If there is a pile of such shape really, the slope has not faced around the top, but the gradient of the side in a mountain is going to be serious by approximately 90 times, isn’t it? When I don’t do rock climbing, to climb seems difficult.

This picture is taken at a white background, so they’re processing and the picture material you can also clip out easily. The vicinity on the picture is copy space just in case, so I think it’s better to put the character of the catch copy in this neighborhood.

By the way the person who doesn’t probably know March 14 to say the memorial day as the Orange Day thinks it may be a lot. It was the memorial day of the Valentine’s Day and the month next to the white day, so was it done on the same 14th? That’s understood, but you’d like to know why orange was adopted, right?

Oranges are fruits very popular with Japan. I think it may equal apple and an orange and be the class which is a tape measure most. I think there may be also an image as an orange when saying citrus fruits.