The display of an apple

The display of an apple - Free stock photo

Such a display ? was seen during the travel of a foreign country. Although it was in front of the store [ of the dining-room ], a space like the display shelf made by wood was loaded with many apples. Since the outside is made of not glass but a net, it is always exposed to the wind. Although there is also a red apple, there are more still yellow apples, and since these do not become the purpose or article for sale which are eaten [ whether he plan to eat before long, whether he plan to use for some dishes and ] also with it, they may be put on such a wind. since it is exposed outside — probably — an insect — it tends to enter — it is not — although I think or, probably it may be difficult for a bird and a rat to eat. If it is a bird like a woodpecker, クチバシ may be put in and eaten from between nets.