Terraced farm

Terraced farm - Free stock photo

It is the photograph of a terraced farm made by the slope of the mountain. Although there is no telling what kind of crops make, probably it may be the field without a tree which is making [ which is not ] wheat and such a thing like [ since like ] an orchard. Is that have a color with the ground whitish by the way of foot marks of a river? Since it is visible to such a wind somehow, and now is a season with little rain seasonally possibly, it may be that the river has just been going to dry up. however, the flow of a white river — since there is a field to width immediately, if a river swells with that just for a moment and a field will be passed immediately, it will become anxious with ?. Although it considers it safer for there to be a thing like a bank in a river, since it is also serious to carry out such maintenance, some countries think that it is difficult. This photograph is taken not in Japan but in a distant foreign country.