Tenkasu of Japanese food

Tenkasu of Japanese food - Free stock photo

This photo of Tenkasu. This photo I can use for free. I can also be used for free in commercial projects.
Food that Tenkasu is one of Japanese cuisine. It is a kind of tempura. Since the Japanese tempura famous would be there are many people who know some people not Japanese.
Tenkasu is the outer part of the tempura. Tempura, easy to say and, the “clothing” which was made from such as flour and put in food such as vegetables, is a dish that is fried in oil.
In other words, the Tenkasu, (such as vegetables) tempura of contents is a there is no food. It is not a big lump. I’ll give the size of like a small drop the “clothing” in oil.
Tenkasu is a by-product that can be when you make the tempura. However, themselves are also often treated as a commodity. Therefore, instead of making a by-product, often making Tenkasu itself. Although not uniform Tenkasu the size made as a by-product, which was made for the purpose Tenkasu itself but as much as roughly the size. This Tenkasu photos’s roughly the same commodity of the magnitude is not a by-product.
Although Tenkasu is also referred to as a Agedama, I show the same food in the only way call is different.
Tenkasu rather than eat only it is a food for the topping, such as near the Japanese cuisine. I put in Udon well as buckwheat. Very tasty if you put the Tenkasu to soba and udon. Is a very good texture. It is recommended that you try is when the people who are not in the Japanese to travel in Japan.
It is possible to eat soba and udon at a reasonable restaurant in Japan. There is also very reasonable shop. There is no chair in the store, there is also a style of shop to eat buckwheat while customers were standing. Such a shop is often located in the vicinity of the station of Japan train. Busy people, prefer a buckwheat that can be eaten in a short time while standing.