Surface - Free stock photo

The shine of the sun is hit and the photograph in [giragira] and the shining surface of the water (surface of the sea). It is a stock photo that receives the impression like [giragira] (voiced sound having [ri]) rather than ..starlike… Is it does leave by a lot of detailed waves because it is a sea, and wrinkle wrinkle or [bokoboko]?An innumerable ruggedness is made. ..becoming it.. [kanji]The part that it is a part and is the shadow that lies to the part for diagonal one the shine of the evening sun, and shines has divided clearly. The shining part shines very brightly like white though the part that is the shadow is jet-black. Such a situation leads to the previous sun for a long time.
It is likely to see it like another one according to the person though this is a photograph in the sea. It sees somehow in such a way, and being said that it will be ground is feeling with something that reflects in the photograph as looking like in another some one in addition seem. It is seen seaweed somehow for me. [Wara]