Spinach and dried bonito
Spinach and dried bonito

Spinach and dried bonito - Free stock photo

The stock photo which gave dried bonito a ride on the cooked spinach with soy sauce and took a picture. I pour soy sauce and bitter orange juice over it and eat. You can eat well for plain Japanese food.

The ones as dried bonito are the fascinating ingredients. Because anyhow bonito of fish was shaved small thin. After all why did you decide to shave bonito? It’s strange and I have watched on television, maybe the shaved previous bonito became very strong. I don’t know why fish becomes so strong, but it’s unclear whether bonito is that it becomes solid like that or that other fish will be also in the same way solidly. Dried bonito shaves the bonito which became solid just like a tree, and is finished. I just watched on television, but it seemed to be a tree really at all.
When fish besides the bonito also becomes similar, will it be the tuna clause and the fluke clause?

I have sprinkled dried bonito on rice at a child and have eaten, dried bonito was moving so that I might shake and live at all flickeringly by steam of rice. You’re saying that to call only that dried bonito are light and are a thin one, right? Dried bonito can also do how to eat like this picture and is also soup stock, is convenient and is good food.

It’s white and is the picture material of the spinach Japanese food dished up in a simple dish. Dried bonito is put on the top. Raw spinach was just boiled quickly, so it’s an easy dish. Please pour soy sauce and bitter orange juice over it and eat.