Small life

Small life - Free stock photo

A small plant puts out the bud from ground where the dry grass was spread, it grows up, and a small, white flower has been in blossom. The insect (black and rotundly) seems to stop on the leaf around upper right. It walks in the mountain, and such small nature at which it doesn’t usually look though it is a photograph in which it suddenly took a picture of its feet either is beautiful. Though scenery such as a vast mountain, forests, and seas is also good.
Ground doesn’t see the soil only by the dead leaf almost at all. The dead leaf thinks that brown [kunatte] becomes like the soil when it is damp, and it rots a little more. These leaves become the nutrients of the soil, and it becomes the source of nutrition of a small weed though it thinks these leaves to be a leaf that has fallen from a big tree that is not this small plant but overhead. And, that small insect might eat such a dead leaf or the plant.
The twig seems to have fallen into [juu] around there on ground besides the leaf. There is a cake of the chocolate of twig, and shape looks like that. What on earth are it there is [ka], and that ..on the leaf of the plant.. ..on a roll.. the one like brown [i] rubbish?