rock of sea

rock of sea - Free stock photo

It is not of course actually floating though it is a rock that is floating in the sea, and connects with bottom of the sea. Only the part of this rock has upheaved the re-slightly elevated in the vicinity of the point of geographical features like sea [nitsukideta] [gake]. Perhaps, I think that as such, there is a size with the rock even if it says because it considerably takes this photograph by the zoom. [Chirahora] seems to grow naturally in the plant, and it might be appropriate to say the island.
In addition, it seems perhaps that only the point of the one like the rock that also projects similarly from bottom of the sea also this is seen in a photograph right interior though the blackish one is in the surface of the sea, and white-crested waves set it up there. The bottom of the sea around here might be a vertical interval intense, complicated geographical features.