roadside - Free stock photo

It is a photograph of the flower to which the bud has been put out from the space in the street gutter in the roadside. A yellow, small, lovely flower has been beautifully in blossom. This spirit to make growth flower bloom in such a place. It is not though it is good only when it is terrible. The spectacle that looks like this on the road in the city might be seen though this photograph is the one having taken it in the pavement that there is fully nature comparatively. The dandelion is seen very often though such a kind of flower might not be so seen in the roadside of the city.
The shine of the sun hits a yellow flower like the spotlight and it shines very beautifully. Does this small flower also do photosynthesis by this shine?It is exactly in the midst [datoshitara] now of photosynthesis. mightIt falls so that the dead leaf is near, and I think such a leaf to become it the nourishment for such a plant rather the soil sooner or later.