Road - Free stock photo

It is a photograph on the road under the cherry blossoms tree. It becomes shade for a moment, and because time zone was not good, a lot of petals of cherry blossoms have dropped still and it is beautiful though it is a dark photograph. There is a fence in both sides of the road, and are several cherry blossoms trees outside of a right green fence. The roof of the private house sees in a left interior, and the apartment house is seen in the left distance dimly. Moreover, it leaves the utility pole along the road at the left of the photograph by two. The road is the stairs in the downward slope, and the car is a narrow pavement that cannot pass. The petal of cherry blossoms of the pink color has dropped innumerably on the stairs, and the petal of cherry blossoms might pour down from the branch on fast as if the shower whenever the wind blows.