Rice cake of Japanese cuisine
Rice cake of Japanese cuisine

Rice cake of Japanese cuisine - Free stock photo

This is a photograph of a Japanese food called mochi. This photo can be used for free. Can also be used in commercial projects.
It is one of the traditional Japanese cuisine with rice cake. In Japan there is a custom of eating rice cake in the New Year for a few days. Sometimes you eat the other time. However, in winter than in summer, Japanese often eat rice cake.

Mochi is a cuisine that uses the sticky rice. Glutinous rice, there is a sticky than regular rice, there is elasticity. Which was the mass is kneaded well rice made from glutinous rice is rice cake.
Rice cake is just the time is still very soft made. However, rice cake is harder over time. Things got off to a hard became mochi to the appropriate size is a commodity. Japanese buy at the store the hard rice cake. And a hard rice cake I heated in a toaster, etc.. Heated rice cake will be soft. At that time, mochi is swell. Brown is attached on the surface of the rice cake. Browning is fragrant.
Mochi do not have much taste that’s intact. Is the same as the taste of regular rice. It of the raw material is rice.

Japanese cook it with a taste to rice cake. Examples of typical seasoning. Anko, soy sauce, and flour, and the like.
During New Year a few days, the Japanese I eat Japanese food called Zoni. Mochi is also used in this dish. There is also a Japanese food that you Shiruko. Was is a Japanese cuisine with a red bean paste and rice cake.
Japanese are feeling the season rice cake. Because, because it is a characteristic that eat in the New Year for a few days cuisine.
Japanese from Japanese cuisine that mochi feel the New Year and winter of image.
Is reflected three rice cake in this photo. I put the rice cake on top of the net for heating. And I have been heating. Are marked with brown the rice cake.
When heated rice cake swells. This is a rice cake photo of bulging.