Palm bud

Palm bud - Free stock photo

The bud comes out from the truth of the palm that dropped on ground. Because the truth is very large like this, the bud that has come out there is also considerably large for the palm though it is a word of a smaller image as for “Bud”. The stage of bud or bud already might been passed. A lot of truth of the palm is casually collected in the roadside, and the coconut tree begins to grow up there without permission. This photograph is the one having taken in Maldives. There are a lot of small islands in Maldives, is an island where the whole is a resort hotel, and there is an island where locals in Maldives live. This photograph is an island where the local lives. Whether it is left actually as it is, it grows up to the woods of more a lot of coconuts or it is thrown away sooner or later or the place somewhere is moved is not understood about these coconuts. The nature that I want to see is done though this photograph is the one having taken several years ago. what situation as of now