miso soup

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Miso soup is a famous Japanese cuisine. Is traditional. Japanese eat miso soup almost every day. Staple food of Japanese are rice and miso soup. I think soup’s miso soup the most popular for the Japanese.
Miso soup’s hot soup. I dissolve the miso in hot water. Salty It’s the taste of soup. Not just miso. Miso soup by soup will taste delicious.
Miso soup base is the soup that was dissolved miso and dashi. I put a variety of ingredients in it. Xi contained in miso soup of this photograph’s tofu and seaweed. Tofu It’s common to put it off small. Miso soup of tofu and seaweed is a very common menu with popular. It is popular as a Japanese home cooking.
Others, is also popular miso soup to put shellfish. For example, it’s clams and clams. Other There are a variety of miso soup also. Miso soup to put vegetables such as Chinese cabbage often.
By region of Japan kind of miso is different. Red color close to the miso, there is such as white color close to the miso. Taste is a little different. There is a cuisine with a miso soup to base.
When you order a Japanese food in the Japanese restaurant, often miso soup is provided together. It’s necessary existence is miso soup in Japanese cuisine.