lot of flowers

lot of flowers - Free stock photo

It is a stock photo that is in blossom of very a lot of flowers. As for an orange and a yellow flower, the color is very vivid and thick. There is a white flower, too and because shape is the same, an orange, yellow, white flower is offshade of maybe the same kind. There is a color near purple or blue flower, too and here has different shape at all. It is a shade like the gradation with the change in white and purple blue and this is a very beautiful color here, too.
A lot of grasses grow between flowers. Anyway, a lot of place narrowness [shito] flowers and the grasses grow though it doesn’t know whether it is another completely grass whether it is a part of the same plant as these flowers. Because the grass does a point [gatta] type, the shine of the sun seems not to be hit so much though the flower has received the shine of the sun well by the round shape. The [nanode] grass seems to be a shadow in this photograph for a moment.