Lake - Free stock photo

It is a photograph in the lake that is far away seen from the mountain. There are a viewpoint a lot including a famous Shinto shrine in the surrounding in the lake of Suwa lake in Nagano Prefecture ..this lake… The tourist also is visiting a lot.
In fog [ke] peak and the car mountain near the Suwa lake, the point of which it took a picture is surroundings. This place is a drive course where it can enjoy considerably wonderful scenery, and a suitable place in sightseeing, too. It is possible to look about to Mt. Fuji far away when it is fine in daytime.
It is even if some big and small mountains magnificently soar to mountains and the middle of a rich forest where a dark green leaf was put forth that spreads out again in the town and the photograph interior of Suwa that extends to the Suwa lake and the surroundings at the photograph time.