Kinabalu national park

Kinabalu national park - Free stock photo

It’s a famous picture of Mt. Kinabalu as a tourist spot in a Malaysian Borneo island. Mt. Kinabalu is the highest mountain at Southeast Asia. The mountaineering is serious, but I also have the tour that I stroll through the inside in a jungle in the base in a mountain. It’s also registered with the world’s cultural and natural heritage of UNESCO.
It’s more pictures of the back light touch little by a cloudy sky, but the silhouette of the mountain comes out in black, and is powerful. It lands at the Kota Kinabalu airport when arriving at Kota Kinabalu by airplane, it may be passed at the front a little near this Mt. Kinabalu. It’s possible to see Mt. Kinabalu from the sky at that time, and this is also a good one. Even if it clouds, only a mountain top part in Mt. Kinabalu seems to be the island which is seen and floats in the sea of cloud from the inside of cloud.