Kamaboko of Japanese cuisine
Kamaboko of Japanese cuisine

Kamaboko of Japanese cuisine - Free stock photo

This is a photograph of a Japanese food called kamaboko. You can use this photo for free. It is also possible to use a commercial project.
Fish paste is a traditional Japanese cuisine. Kamaboko of material is fish. Fish paste is made from white fish such as cod.
Fish paste for the Japanese, it is elegant image. Because taste is thin, eat it with soy sauce.

In Japan, as meal New Year’s Celebration, eat Japanese food called New Year dishes. Often containing the kamaboko the New Year dishes.
There is a fish paste of red (pink). There is a white kamaboko. Kamaboko of this photo is also red and white. In Japan, the combination of red and white is used as a happy image.
Therefore, in Japan, there is a custom of eating red and white kamaboko in the New Year.

Kamaboko of this photo has been placed on a small plate. Kamaboko often have been sold in this way. Of course, the plate can not eat.
In the photo below, kamaboko is turned off. In this way, it is sliced, the Japanese eat a boiled fish paste.
Red fish cake also, inside is white. Red color just outside.

Kamaboko is a famous food in Japan. And, it is traditional. If when you travel in Japan, please try to eat a boiled fish paste. For commemoration.