Hydrangea - Free stock photo

It is a stock photo of the hydrangea. It took a picture of in blossom like the flower bed on the way of the stroll. It has become a dim photograph because it was an overcast day. The leaf in the interior is considerably darkly reflected though a white color buoys up. All flowers of the hydrangea in the interior seem to be small though the hydrangea in this side puts out flowers very greatly. This is that whether growth is perhaps late because sunlight doesn’t strike so much. Hereafter, the color of the flower will whiten for a moment as for the hydrangea in the interior by greenish, too.
I think the hydrangea to be a flower that blooms in the rainy season, and considerably familiar flower [nan] in Japan might. The rainy season is climatic ..marshy.. still done. Thus, darkness might be able to be said that the sense of the season will be expressed from the place the sun in which it blazes brilliantly for a moment as shown in this photograph.