Green apple

Green apple - Free stock photo

The picture material of the very much green apples. I took a picture at a market of the one from Southeast Asia and some countries. It has been a very dark picture because I took a picture at night market. It’s too hot in the daytime in the hot country, and he’s weary, so a local person comes into action actively in early morning and night and often lives. The one as night market may also be the typical example. The seasoning, snack and a lot of food are sold from fish from meat from vegetables from a fruit at night market. It’s possible to have many street stalls and eat a good dish reasonably, so a local person thinks there are a lot of people who have a meal at a street stall in such market. But, the aspect of good hygiene is sometimes subtle only in a street stall, so it may be better for the neighborhood to stop a worrisome person. There should be probably a tourist who has stomach trouble with a meal from street stall fairly. There is also a place all right of course, but it’s better to eat a dish through the BATCHIRI fire for now. Lettuce fresh greens of a garnish, requiring care. If a drink is beer, it’s good, the case when I drink juice, in ice, requiring care. I’m relieved at canned juice. I have had stomach trouble with vegetables of a garnish and have had stomach trouble with the spicy seasoning put on the table. It has been quite terrible and asleep all the while on the next day.