Full-bloomed - Free stock photo

Anyway, it is already full-bloomed. It is really colorful. The sky does a white color in cloudy skies. And, I think that it is a photograph about cherry blossoms only about one pink color. Feeling that this is light is fresh, may be good, and be emphasized for cherry blossoms of the pink color even because of the blue sky. You seem may sit on the branch even by the flower slope grandpa because it is very splendid and a big cherry tree. If it is possible to do even in enjoying seeing cherry blossom under such full-bloomed cherry blossoms, it might be very happy. Because this tree did not have space that paves the seat of enjoying seeing cherry blossom not the one in the park but along the road usual, it seems to be difficult sake and to eat for a moment. However, the road goer person thinks that he or she surely goes up, is healed the tension, and has various desires who dusk [tari] and are each person feeling the season seeing this cherry blossoms tree. It is a cherry blossoms with a sense of existence too tree.