dragonfly - Free stock photo

A picture of the dragonfly staying in a vegetable branch.
Why is a dragonfly often staying in such sharp one?
When I ordinarily think, more ways to the flat ordinary ground seem not to get tired more than I stay at such but I’m often staying at such for some reason. When I’m making the index finger and am waiting quietly, surprisingly, there is also a case that a dragonfly stays ahead of the finger.
I have the memory which made it such wind, was here around a child and played.
Without approaching from the front when catching a dragonfly, I approach with SO from the rear and grasp a feather.
When I approach from the front, a dragonfly is seen, so a way from the rear is the reason difficult to notice, but it’s unclear whether it isn’t included in an actual place eye.
What it’s has a large eye, so I also think the angle seems quite far-sighted.
When I try to catch by the so strong power, there is danger which destroys a feather of a dragonfly, so I’ll pay attention.
It has to move quickly, but it’s caught by gentle Tsutomu thoroughly.
The one you say catches, and doesn’t find out how on earth to do, does it?
When I’ll think, there are no reasons that a dragonfly is caught at all.
I think it may not be so fascinating even if even a child catches a dragonfly.
Because if they’re a beetle and a stag beetle, because it’s cool, it may be fascinating and anyhow it’s the rare insect which can’t be seen easily at a city. But there is also a dragonfly in a city fairly. When I think so, a dragonfly may be the one by which life force is a strong insect very much.
There is a lot of obvious one, but I hope that a season comes in the town, and the kind comes across it.
He comes across it in the town but thinks the more or less isn’t here when he doesn’t smell at a river with a tree, but it may not also be beautiful in a city, but Hajime Okawa is flowing and there is also a park, so it seems as being a dragonfly at such.