Dolphin - Free stock photo

The dolphin is actually reflected though it is a photograph in the sea around the resort island. It is a dolphin that was the coincidence appearance in cruising. It was sudden, and only the photograph of such feeling was able to be taken in a digital camera on hand though it only had to have been able to take a picture tidying more. I think that I see dolphin’s dorsal fin in the surface of the sea in the front. Only it [chapuchapu]ed, it did to such feeling in the surface of the water, and it did not jump dynamically though several dolphins were seen to be swimming.
It has never always seen it up to now by such feeling though the dolphin has been seen from the ship several times. Is it rare to do the dynamic jump seen on the television, and this?
It is a resort island that falls on the interior of the photograph. A small island is, and there is wholly a water cottage in surroundings on the island in the place where it is facilities in the resort hotel, and is a cottage built on the beach. The ship or the seaplane is used to go to such an island.
It is understood well that it is a considerably smooth island even if it sees thus. It is a surface of the sea with little altitude and steady so height. It is likely to become clear more if the tree is lost. The high sea also has little wave because this sea is very a quiet sea when coming though seems to grow serious.