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It is a photograph material of savory [nabanana]. Moderately curving is an image like the banana. The banana replenishes energy with a very nutritious fruit. There must be considerably a lot of people of the breakfast who eat the banana, too. For instance, there is a person who eats the banana while doing sports. Additionally, it is to the advantage that it is easy to eat having it by the hand while peeling off the skin in addition as it is easy to peel off the skin by the hand. Peeling off the skin by the hand includes it, and the fruit for which it is difficult and the knife etc. are necessary is, and includes the fruit that the hand becomes dauby by the fruit juice even if it is possible to peel off by the hand a lot. I think that you may say that it is considerably convenient this easiness to eat when thinking about it. It is often used also for the cake of the cake or ice it, and there is often a juice that uses the banana because it is sweet and it delicious, too. The juice of feeling that mixes milk and the banana is very delicious. Moreover, there is a cake like dry banana chips, too and it is the best for the [poripori] and the switch and eating. The banana of some kinds is mostly put when going to the supermarket. It often sees from the Philippines. The taste of the banana that the price is a little different in each kind, and the price is high is considerably good. A cheap banana is usually delicious even if it says.