Dandelion - Free stock photo

It is a free stock photo of the dandelion. It is a flower in Japan also in the city in the metropolitan area and the mountain in the country seen anywhere very often. A yellow flower has been in blossom round. Very a lot of petals long and slenderly when seeing thus gather and it is understood as a whole that the whole is round shape though round shape is done. Are how many these decided accurately though it is a very detailed petal?The Chinese character of dandelion comes out when inputting it with the dandelion and the personal computer. It seems that being written too much in feeling is few, and I usually think writing by the hiragana or the katakana. The dandelion flower has seen affixing to the dish of the Japanese food. The dandelion seems to be a flower that becomes for food if it cooks though thinks that to be a maybe free decoration. However, you might stop the one in blossom in the roadside perhaps because it is considerably dirty with dust etc.