Coconut on sand

Coconut on sand - Free stock photo

The picture material of the coconut which fell on the white sand on a beach. I think it’s identical with a fruit of coconut when I say coconut, but it’s said that the one as coconut says coconut of the kind as the coco in palm. I don’t know whether this fruit is coconut.
The ingredients by which coconut is also used in various dishes as well as a dessert at Southeast Asia. It’s quite possible to make a hole and drink fruit juice by a straw. I sometimes come across making it a tourist partner this and selling fruits of coconut, I meet before, if it was tried, it wasn’t that good. The lukewarm one is also subtle and I have the memory which also had no imagined sweetness.
There is something also seasoned by a dish of curry with coconut. I think there is also a taste, but I think the mild sense is very good personally.