Cicada’s empty shell

Cicada’s empty shell - Free stock photo

The picture material of the cast off skin of a balm cricket. An image at midsummer is strong in a semi-self-body, and I think a cast off skin of a balm cricket has an image at time at the end of summer. Where would I also be able to call a season as summer felt charming sights? Anyhow a balm cricket is the insect which is here only in summer and I think because anyway a cry is noisy, and there is an existence sense. When a balm cricket was imago actually, a cast off skin broke, so the person who said that beginning of summer rather than the end of summer was shown may be an appropriate one.
It’s just better to use it as a seasonal image picture as summer, but it’s symbolized to achieve great transformation in imago from a larva, so to use it as the image picture it’s said that “growth” “changes” from which, with may. A balm cricket is the reason which can fly now in the air from this time, so I think it can be said quite dramatic level up.
By the way even after the contents have disappeared, a cast off skin of this balm cricket is asked, it’s the reason attached to a tree, but how will you touch this obstinately? Uh, does a part like Kama run into a wooden small fold?