Cherry on plate

Cherry on plate - Free stock photo

A lot of cherries are piled up on a simple white, round plate.
The drop of water is attached because it is after it washes.

Will you grow up to a cherry tree some time if this seed is planted about there though are in cherry of these the seed?A cherry tree seems to be cherry blossoms though think, and retrieved for a moment on the net.
Even saying seems not to be cherry blossoms such as Somei-Yoshino cherry tree in Japan. enjoying seeing cherry blossom [suru] oftenIt seems to be a tree to the end which is a kind of cherry blossoms. However, there seems to be no difference in cherry blossoms.
Then, cannot the cherry be taken from ..enjoying seeing cherry blossom [suru].. cherry blossoms?There seems to be a kind in which the truth of the feeling that looks like is put on a small cherry, too.

After it eats the cherry, it is interesting because a lot of seeds go out when about one bud comes out when everything is reeled about there.