Cherry - Free stock photo

It is red and a lovely cherry photograph. It is piled ..a lot of cherries…
The cherry might be called a cherry ([outou]).
In the tree by which the cherry becomes it, cherry blossoms know and are [mashitaka] ?.
The truth that can be taken is from tentative cherry blossoms tree to seeming the cherry in the season of spring though it seems not to be the kind of cherry blossoms enjoying seeing cherry blossom [suru].

If the cherry can be made from the tree of all cherry blossoms ・・・
Very a lot of ..Japan.. cherry blossoms are [arunode], and the whole town cherries in [juu] around there.
However, is it the same as can take the ginkgo from the ginkgo tree when thinking?
A lot of people who come under the cherry blossoms tree for picking up will show up at a cherry season.