Bird on lawn

Bird on lawn - Free stock photo

It is a stock photo of the bird that is walking over the lawn (free of charge). It is likely to look for the insect of food around of the grass and the soil or something. Bird’s [kuchibashi] and foot are orange, a blackish color is done around in the point of the head and the wing, and the body is roughly a dark grey. It is smaller than the pigeon though is larger than the sparrow. Well, what bird is this bird?Everyone seems that a bird that often exists maybe about there as the super-famously as the sparrow, the pigeon, and the crow though is not does a be known whether it is a bird that knows either. By the way, because this photograph is the one having taken in the park in the metropolitan area, it is not especially recesses of a mountain of the country. The shadow of trees has fallen diagonally on the lawn.