Banana - Free stock photo

It is a stock photo of the banana. It puts on a white stand and it is taken a picture. It is a big, splendid body (truth) and there seems to be an eating answer. It discolors to a blackish in parts color though the surface is a yellow color skin. I think that a blacker part increases in several days. A sweet spot is called, and a black macula that passes days and comes out seems to increase sweetness like the sign that comes out though a black current part might be different for a moment it. Actually, it is sweeter that a sweet spot has come out moderately, there is a flavor, and it becomes very delicious. The banana is a fruit actively grown in Southeast Asia etc. , and I think that a chiefly hot country is more suitable for cultivation. It seems as might the difficulty whether the banana can be grown in the cold provinces though doesn’t know because it has not heard it so much.