Acorn - Free stock photo

It is a stock photo of the acorn. The fallen leaf and the acorn that withers on ground have been scattered with asunder. The under of the tree of the acorn mostly becomes such feeling in autumn. It is often in the mountain and the forest, and exists actually also in the park about there though it might be a little to see the tree of the acorn too much. Isn’t there tree to feel such a sense of the season to be strong because it needs it also for the city by all means?I think that it gives composure to people’s minds. The acorn in this photograph seems to be able to take all parts of the hat though the acorn is the one to stick one’s cap on one’s head. It rolled about there after it falls, and a lot of detailed wounds have reached on the surface of the acorn. It is [nanodeshouka] . to discolor like white why.